Special Forces of Aerospace

Space is Different


The space industry is a unique business. It’s complicated, expensive, big, expensive, … did we mention, expensive? From launch windows to redundancies, orbital paths and extremely lethal operating environments (not to mention international coordination), the Space Industry is truly unique.

The typical manufacturer thrives on volume; long term agreements for standard product lines being the ideal. In space product manufacturing, deliverable volumes make this ideal difficult. In some cases, units may only ship once a decade; and even then, maybe only once ever! How then can Space Customers attract the right subcontractors & suppliers while demanding ever increasing non-recurring costs?

The Big Dogs

NASA, JPL, SpaceX, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop, Lockheed, etc . . .. The success of all these companies is majorly dependent on their carefully curated supply chain networks. The key to success in Space Industry supply chains – Small Businesses.

Space Small Businesses = Special Forces

Space Industry suppliers are required to operate in an environment almost as difficult and complex as the destination of their products. They need to be as fast & flexible as a tech startup with quality & safety standards to exceed auto manufacturers. When it comes to supplying product to the Space Industry, it takes a special breed.

Space Product Supply Chains will always depend on the success of Small Businesses – companies who thrive in a challenging environment and prioritize the value of mission success over quicker profits. They are the 'Special Forces' branch of Aerospace Manufacturing. 

At RampTech, we focus on working with Small Aerospace Businesses in America and seeing them thrive.